Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whole Foods Did Me Wrong

I am seriously thinking of doing a Vlog but I have no idea what to talk about. I can barely find anything to write about these days with my brain wrapped around moving, selling this house, raising kids and making sure nobody in this house dies on my watch including 1 house plant and 2 cats.

I took all three of my kids out in the freezing cold weather and terrible wind and rain to go to their scheduled baking class at Whole Foods. I get there and they told me it was cancelled and they "tried" to call everyone.
Try harder asshole, I was having a shitty day that just got much shittier now that I have three cold and wet kids. They didn't even apologize!
Very un-Whole Foods like.

I am even more pissed because I bought a $8 pot pie from them and it was delicious. Pissed that I love WF but they treated me so wrong.
I may not even go there next week for their Thanksgiving tasting. Almost.
I am not crazy.


  1. I just wished I lived close enough to a Whole Foods to go to a class. The closest one is about 1hour and 45 minutes away. I do sneak off and go there once in awhile though.

  2. I think I'd be in bliss in a Whole Foods!

    I've thought of vlogging before, but fear it would just be a lot of me saying "Um" and "Well..." a lot, so I shut myself down fast!

  3. I would have been SO PISSED!
    You should call them a bunch of times today to tell them your phone number and remind them that they shoudl call in the future. You know, drive THEM nuts instead.

  4. Bad Whole Foods!!!! I wouldn't be able to stay away though either. I've been known to spend several hours just walking the isles...looking at things and trying not to touch...which sometimes makes the clerks nervous as I appear lost and deranged but screw 'em...I'm having a good time.

  5. Whole Foods can suck it. They can suck a chemical saturated, overprocessed burrito. We had a Wild Oats near us that turned into a Whole Foods. At first I was super excited because I thought that Jennifer Garner would come visit. Isn't there always pictures of her coming out of a Whole Foods? I just assumed it would be mine.


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