Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordfilled Wednedsay

I have never done a wordless Wednesday post before but when you lack content to write about you go for it.
Unless you want to talk about my short visit with my friends yesterday. Or about how I am so paranoid that hair south of the border was grey instead of very blond, I am making time to shave him and all of his friends off even though these days I have to make an appointment to pee. Perhaps we should talk about how I have a cat pee smell in my family room but have no idea where it is coming from or how to get rid of it, because again, no idea about the origins.

I assume this post can no longer be counted as "wordless". Here is your obligatory picture anyway:

kissable baby cheeks


  1. They are kissable. I bet they smell good too!

  2. ooooooh, bite - able!!

  3. Nom nom!! Those cheeks are just so squishable and smushy...

  4. Kissy baby cheeks = cute.
    Cat pee smell = yuckers.

  5. How embarassing. I just kissed my computer screen.

  6. Baby is very kissable indeed!

    Cat pee smell is sucky. Sorry 'bout that.


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