Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend was so super awesome. I spent it writhing in pain over a tooth I had cracked a couple of months ago. Not wanting to put my family in any more financial dept and not having dental anymore, I chose to ignore it until I had the money to get it fixed.
It decided it wanted to be fixed now, because I cannot open my mouth more than a couple of inches and the pain is, well, terrible.
On a positive note: can't open mouth= crash diet!

So today I will be at an emergency dentist appointment while my neighbors watch baby K and my twins are in school. There goes the nap I scheduled at 3 am when K decided 2-4am would be a fun time to play!
Pray that I don't' get molested (did I ever tell you about my old dentist who was caught fondling women in the "chair'? If I get felt up, during ANY doctor's visit, I expect that visit to be free. Bottom line)

It is perfect timing though because it is delurking day. My hits to comment ratio is just not right, so I know you are there but I need more from you. This is a symbiotic relationship.
In lieu of food I will take some comments, so delurk now.


  1. I dislike dentists too :) After recent total mouth makeover I have lost about 10 pounds THAT is the only thing a dentist is good for lol Good luck and I hope you aren't in any pain when you are done. And LOL on the feel up comment!

  2. I love going to the dentist, but only to get my teeth cleaned. And if I got felt up in the process that would be a bonus IF my dentist was hot, which my dentist is not.

  3. My dentist is H.O.T., so I guess I'd ask for a moment to think about it if he came in after viewing my Xrays and said I needed some work down and could pay for it with a little touch.


    Oh, seriously, I do hope you end this day feeling a better, and that you get some rest tonight!

  4. I hope the dentist visit went well and was painless (or at least they ponied up good meds). I've been lurking here for at least a year and I love your blog, especially how honest it is compared to the shiny happy mommy type.
    Happy Delurking Day, and good luck with your move :)

  5. Oh girly girl...that just sucks!!! I hate tooth drama. And you don't need it right now with all you have going on!

  6. Hi! Happy Delurking Day! I have been lurking on your blog for a while now via one of my dearest friend's blogs. Sorry about the dental drama. My dentist said told me that dental problems are passed down through the mother. Thanks ma! I had full perio surgery a year and a half ago, two root canals and I'm getting two crowns next month. All on an LAUSD teacher's dental plan!

  7. Well, I'm not a lurker as I just stopped over today from Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore, but I'm happy to leave you some comment love!

    So sorry about your tooth pain. My husband is a dentist and he sees a fair share of people in your state. Its truly no fun!

    From the other side of things, have you ever thought about how hard it is to be a person that everyone hates to see? As in, "Oh, Dr. so-and-so I would rather be at the GYN than here!" It takes its toll, trust me.

    P.S. My dentist is TOTALLY HOT! :)

  8. M, yes I think about how dentist have the highest suicide rates. For the record I never minded the dentist until mine turned out to be a molester.

    Now I hate the dentist because it is going to hurt! wah!

  9. Ive been following your poor dental drama via twitter on my phone. I have been avoiding the computer mostly until today. Im sorry you are having such a rough time :(

  10. Yep. We are here. Sorry about the tooth. Ironically, I just did a post about dental health and a crest oral b giveaway! Can you believe it? Read here:

  11. I am so sorry. Going to the dentist sucks but tooth pain sucks more. Ouch.


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