Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving On Up

I really needed to hear a lecture on how to make my baby sleep through the night and how I should put him to sleep at night from a nurse practitioner at 9am this morning like I need a hole in my head.
Why must the nurse practitioner also decide that would be a good time to lecture me about vaccinations, when she didn't even look at my children's charts to see what schedule they are on?

Really, she shouldn't have messed with me so early in the morning, after I gave her the warning "look" and before I had any time to ingest coffee, shower or be alert. She got what she deserved. A lecture every time I step into that office from a different nurse is something I can't wait to live without.

This weekend was filled with a flurry of events, my children were invited to a bowling party, we packed and packed, and on Sunday they had a awesome party with their friends from school and another party with my family.
We said goodbye to my family and are prepared to move this weekend.
Deep breath, I am ready to move already.
It will be nice to live with my husband again, 5+ months is a long time with three kids.
I promise to document my move, either on video or with pictures.

Now, please say a prayer all of our stuff fits into the truck, sweet lord!


  1. Good luck and good riddance to that nurse practitioner!

  2. Good Luck w/ the move! I'll cross my fingers and toes that everything fits! :) Don't ya just luv other people's advise on how to raise your own children.

  3. Good luck! you will make it through this!!

    and I hate hate hate getting the lectures and passive aggressive comments at the peds, but our ped is thorough and will always refer us to specialists when she isnt sure about something or we need one. I like that so Im TRYING to put up with the other stuff.

  4. People who ignore "the look" deserve what they get in most circumstances. She should be thankful you warned her first.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly in the moving process and you're settled soon!


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