Monday, January 19, 2009

I need a Weekend Do-Over

This weekend was supposed to be about reconnecting with my husband, a visit to say goodbye to my friends and packing, packing, packing.
Well, at least I got to see my friends (which was so much fun).

Yesterday at 6:15 am we both heard the baby crying. E went in to get him and I went to the bathroom. I heard a loud noise that sounded like it was the heat but MUCH louder. I went downstairs with E and the baby to find that a pipe had burst in our mudroom from the cold. Water was in the mudroom and the family room.
It was the indoor pool I had always wanted!
Fun times!

E tried all day, ALL DAY to fix the pipe, and it still is not fixed today. He would fix one crack only to have another sprout up. It was a harder project then he thought.
He gave u at 8pm and went to bed because, guess what? He has the FLU.
SO, not only do I have L with a fever and a cough, and baby K with a runny nose and a bad case of the cranks, I have E with the flu and now R has a cough and a fever.
I am on no sleep and it is a matter of time before I get sick too.
We still have no water, my house looks like a bomb hit it and I only packed 1/2 of a box this weekend.

I can only laugh about this because really, what else can go wrong?
And how was your weekend?


  1. Oh, man... so sorry to hear about the burst pipe, Tuesday. That's just such a bummer I can't even think of a smart remark to make about it. And that's not typically a do-it-yourself type of prject to fix, either... call the plummah. And probably give some thought to shutting off the water to the house once you go to NH. What a mess... I'll even say a prayer for you and your family. Hope you're doing better soon.

  2. Oh man! I couldn't imagine the chaos! I hope your family gets better soon minus you getting sick! Oh and I hope your pipes are fixed soon!

  3. Yikes, call the doctor, a plumber and a babysitter and RUN!

  4. DUDE.

    That sounds just ROUGH. Yes, here's to hoping NOTHING else goes wrong.

    Now once hubs feels better, he hits the road, right? :(

  5. There is no money for a plumber, we are stretched VERy thin with moving costs, repairs onthe new house, the twin's birthday and little things like food.
    He has to feel better, repair the pipe and pack his car & leave only to return on Sat.


  6. Girl that is rough. Hang in there... I hope that it gets better for you quickly.

  7. That suuuuucks! It can only get better, right? : )

  8. Gah! My weekend was nowhere near as rough as yours! Sorry you have all that on you. I hope things are semi-mended to at least get by safely, and you're not getting full-blown sick!

  9. That does stink! I hope things get better soon!

  10. If I were president, I'd give you a do-over.

  11. that is a sucky weekend. Im sorry that you had to spend it that way :(

    I didnt do anything exciting on the weekend. I made Jewelry, shopped a bit, and um, yeah, nothing.


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