Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Things I am thinking about today:

Am I the only person who thinks it is strange that in about 30 years or so there are going to be A LOT of grandmas with fake boobs? There is just soemthing so wrong about a grandma with big, fake breasts and a old, wrinkled everything else.
Well, maybe not for grandpa.

Speaking of grandmas, once my grandmother was on a ladder and she asked me to hold the ladder. I walked over and looked up to see what she was doing and caught a glimse of her pubic hair.
So. Not. Good.
Something I try not to relive, but every once in awhile I remember.


  1. Think about it? I'm counting on it.

  2. At least one body part, or two actually, will be hanging in there during old age for those boob enhanced women!

  3. I never thought about grandma's with fake boobies!!!! lol, how freakin' funny!

  4. How nice that grandma flashed her cooter your way.

    I have a dream that someday all boobies will hold up under the strain of gravity and age. ;)

  5. Will you are so sick.
    I love it.

  6. There are some things you can't un-see.

  7. Thanks for the laugh!!!
    I took my Grandma bra shopping a couple of years ago and nothing is quite as memorable as watching ole Gram scoop up the boobs and put them in the bra. Between her and me we needed at least another person to keep Gram from falling over.
    Those are the memories that keep on giving.

  8. HAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!! Grandmas DON"T have pubic hair!!!! They are totally non sexual beings!!!!

    HA! My hubs and I were talking about our ex sister in law...she remarried and this guy is older than her totally grosses me out to think of having to have sex with him! and hubs said, "He's someone's grandpa!!!"

    I said, "So are you."!!!!!

  9. My eyes! They burn!!!

    Thanks for the visual. I'm going to go hurl now. :)

  10. My mom is 46 (she had my twin and i quite young) and she has fake boobies...and my step son goes. Gramma.. how did your boobs get so big. I swear to God my brother, sister, husband and I all snorted soda thru our noses or choked on our dinner (we were all out to dinner that night) It was so funny. But yeah..she looks like she's going to tip over from how big her boobs are...scary

  11. I think about this stuff all the time - Grandmas with tramp stamps, grandmas with vagina piercings, grandmas who have occasional LSD flashbacks...the the 2030s are going to be wild!!!!

    Awesome blog!!!!


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