Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love, Mom

Today my dear, sweet, first babies are six years old.
These past 30 days have been tough, really tough, but I stayed here for this, so they can have their birthday party at school and one this weekend for their friends.
They have had a big year, they gained a new brother, they started kindergarten, they have to move to a new home in a new state.
When I look at them now, I am starting to see big kids, not the babies they once were.
The baby fat from their cheeks have gone, their dimples on their hands have been replaced by knuckles. They build complex things with K'Nex, they draw things even I would not attempt. They are hungry for knowledge, they want to know about the plants, the continents and who lives on them, who, what, when, where and how and they want the answers now.

The other night snow had started to fall for the first time this winter and my kids rushed to the window. Their little faces were glistening from the street light, they were in heaven. "Mommy! It is so beautiful!"
They were so happy to see snow, they were just content to watch some snow fall from the sky.
I wondered at what age does the snow lose its amazement?
When do we start to see the snow as a nuisance rather than appreciate its beauty like when we were six?

R and L, I am always amazed by your beauty inside and out. You are wonderful people and I am grateful every day to be your mother. Thank you for making everything in my life brighter and showing me that everything, even snow falling, has beauty and grace.


  1. Congratulations! Getting twins to age 6 is an accomplishment. Actually getting them to age three is huge...

  2. Happy b-day kiddos!

    I'm 41 and I still love snow. It's the cold, gray winter without snow that I despise.

  3. Happy Birthday to them!! And Congrats to you :)

    I love sonw, but I know what you mean!

  4. Happy birthday to your children! My baby is on his last days of six (he turns seven on Saturday), and you're right. You definitely see the last bits of babyhood start to slip off of them at this age. It's truly bittersweet, especially as you're watching them absorb so many new things at this age, too.

    Enjoy their day!

  5. Awww Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. My kids were out of school tue. and wed. due to snow - this AM on the way to school my 11 yr. old daughter asked me if I had thanked God for the snow. She said she had - and was thankful we received it. It made me realize that sometimes I need to pause and take time to see the beauty of life - as a child does!

  7. My boys are right behind L&R, and it's killing me how fast they're growing up! Just yesterday our kids were babies- how did this happen?? Happy birthday, wee ones!


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