Friday, January 23, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

My baby has decided that child development experts are correct, 10 months is exactly the right age to form a separation anxiety.
He wouldn't let me put him down yesterday at all, he cried when he was in his high chair and I left the room, he cried when it was nap time, he cried when I went to the bathroom.
I basically sat on the living room floor all day while he sat on my lap. Occasionally he was adventurous and would crawl a few feet away, only to crawl back after a minute or two. It is the strangest thing.
Last night after THREE glorious hours of trying to put him to sleep only to have him wake up the second I put him down in his crib, I just let him sleep in the bed with me.
Three hours is my limit.

I have been a bad commenter lately, I know, but I am reading your blogs and I will be back in action after we move next week.
Hopefully I will document our move with pictures and/or video for you guys. I promise to show you the strange thing I have in my bed side table before I pack it too!

I can offer you this today, here is a picture of all of our garbage after Christmas:

next time we have people over for Christmas we must have them take their garbage home with them. This pile took over my garage.
Sorry Earth.


  1. That's a lot of garbage! Oh, my!

    I hope you're able to get some things done between crying jags. I well remember those days. I'd have my son attached to me in the Snuggli for hours just so I can do something like wash the dishes.

  2. Nothing like peeing on the toilet while holding the baby.

    Done it many times. A mommy has no privacy.

  3. lol! That is funny! I would have them take their garbage too! Seperation Anxiety stinks. I've had that with nearly all of our kids. My daughter even kicked a nursery worker at church in the face once when I dropped her off. Not fun.

  4. "sorry earth" lol!

    Separation anxiety sucks donkey poop. I understand completely. Dont feel bad for letting the baby sleep with you, sleep is important, get it any way you can!!

  5. Awesome picture. That is why I love blogs--it makes me feel as if I am there.

  6. Oh that seperation anxiety is enough to make you cry. My daughter had it so bad I learned to go to the bathroom holding her. Now I think, why did I do that, she would have lived if I just put her down for 2 minutes. My son, very different. He couldn't care less. Crazy how very different kids can be. Oh, and I would like to apologize to Mother Earth along with you. I had just as big of a pile in my garage. Happy moving.

  7. Awww ... at least he loves his mama :)


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