Monday, January 05, 2009

Busy January

We are in the finally countdown of weeks left living in New Jersey. E and his cousin will be working hard because this is their busy season.
It is also my busy season, but work pays the bills, so E won't be coming home much.
This stresses me out in so very many ways, but I know what I have to do and I only have 5 more weeks here if everything goes the way it is supposed to go.
We will leave for NH in the beginning of February, whether the house is sold or not. I promised the kids a birthday party with their friends from school and considering their lukewarm feelings of moving from their entire family, I figured it was the least I could do.

The list grows with things I have to do before I leave. I must pick up K's birth certificate, I have to eat more Chipotle because I am certain they don't exist in NH. I have to pack. I have to get my hair cut and colored and get my highlight color name? number? from my colorist. I have to get K baptised. I have to eat more bagels. (If you have never had the chance to eat a bagel in NY or NJ, what you are eating is not even close to being a bagel. Nope. Also? Why are there no delis outside of NY/NJ/CT? WTF?) I have to take the kids for a well visit at their pediatrician and dentist.
I have to pack. I have to visit my friends and grandparents one more time. Did I mention I have virtually nothing packed?

This month will be a busy one, but lonely. But, at least I have you guys, right?


  1. you've got us, definitely :)

    Now, seriously, I appreciate your stress, I have lived your stress, but try to relax a bit, you are not moving to the moon. You arent even leaving the country :)

    We have done back and forth 1200 miles to Canada moves, and I have lived in Japan. I feeeeel your stress!

  2. I know it is something that a million people have done before me, but with no help here I get tired and stressed easy. Also? Did I mention baby K wakes up in the night at least 2x?

  3. Hang in there! It'll be over before you know it. Baby steps is my suggestion - do a little bit each day instead of waiting to jam it all in at the end.

  4. Babe, you have my support and sympathy. As a mother/wife who has not only moved a few times (laughing now commences from my friends and family). Our last big move was overseas and where was my husband? No where near me and the kids, that's for sure. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

  5. Ohhh no, I realize you are way stressed, but the birth certificate and little things like that can be dealt with later (unless you need it for something specific) I just mean you arent moving so far away that you cant go back. I imagine you are exhausted. I didnt mean to make it sound like it's a breeze and you shoudlnt be complaining! Complain away, you need to vent, just go easy on yourself!

  6. It IS so hard to find good bagels and deli....unless you live in LA. The Pico Robertson neighborhood here has awesome deli. I'm off work this week, so I took myself to the movie Revolutionary Road (awesome) and then took myself to the Pico Glatt Kosher Deli and got me some matzoh ball soup and the best damn tuna sandwich on sourdough...UNH!


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