Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bite Me in the Ass

I thought you were supposed to teach your children things. I thought you were supposed to make them aware of their environment, broaden their horizons, challenge them every day.
Well I did just that, not my 23 month old babies are demanding things from me and yelling. They tell me exactly what they want for lunch and if I do not have it in the house, watch out. The screaming.........My god the screaming. First thing in the morning no less.

Plus if you ask me for the last "nana" you damn well better be prepared to eat it. All of it. Or I will let it turn brown & feed it to you for lunch. Bananas don't just grow on trees.
Oh wait.


  1. Ahh I can see that the terrible 2s are making their ways, and you have to deal with a double dose of that. My heart is with you TG.

  2. Well, bananas certainly don't grow on trees anywhere near where I live. Go ahead.. run outside and look for a banana tree. None to be found up here in the frosty Northeast. No, around here bananas don't grow on trees at all. They do indeed come from the supermarket.


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