Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Picture it: St. Lucia September 2000

There we were, at the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Crystal blue ocean, white silky sandy beaches, huge pools with swim up bars. Yes, easy access to my drinks. Believe me we made sure we made out on the "all inclusive deal".
Towards the middle of our vacation E decided to scuba dive, I couldn't because I have asthma. E booked me a day at the spa though, which was fine by me. My first appointment of the day was a full body massage. It was only the second time I had a massage.
I took off my clothes, put on the robe and waited. A tall Caribbean lady came in & asked me to lay down on my back first then I would flip. I flipped on my stomach when instructed and she proceeded to massage my leg. Then farther up my leg. I stiffened up. Then farther. Then so close to me (all of ME) I wondered if this was going to cost extra. Thankfully she stopped, but then went to massaging my butt. Really I didn't need my butt massaged but I thought, what the hell. Right then the manager, giving a couple a tour of the facility barged in turned on the light and literally caught me with my pants down.
I didn't know what to do so I just acted like it was nothing.
It took me 1 year to get over my fear of THE MASSAGE. To this day I will always keep my panties on.


  1. I would have never taken my panties off. I have several massages and never to ask to take them off. Hmmm, maybe I am not cute enough??

  2. Maybe he booked a "Happy Ending" massage?


  3. Now for the serious comment-

    I've had several massages and was always expected to disrobe completely. The massage oil would get on anything you're wearing eve though they don't get THAT close to sensitive areas.



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