Friday, January 21, 2005


Tomorrow we are having a huge party for the babies at our new house. Huge because I have a big family. Last year the babies didn't have a 1st Birthday party because my Dad was dying and I was not in the mood to celebrate anything. This year 90% of my family won't be able to come because it is supposed to snow a lot here in NJ.
Not where we are but in northern NJ where everyone else is. Now I have $300 of food catered and 2 quarter sheet cakes that I doubt I can cancel. Not only that but for once I wanted to give my kids a party. We don't see my family much because we live 1.5 hours away and most have not even seen our new house.
I know they are only two and will not even remember the party or who was there but I am sad, because I feel responsible. Who asked E & I to have sex in April so we would have babies in January? What shitty month.

I am sad and depressed.

So does anyone want dinner & leftovers? If so you know where to come, but you better have 4 wheel drive!

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  1. Oh I am so sorry. It rained on Julia's 2nd birthday and I had a jumpy set up and it got all wet. I hope everything works out.


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