Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Short Story

On Monday night a baby was born, she was beautiful with black curly hair. She was promised to another, as her Mother had a small son and could not afford to have another child. She was young, just 22 scared and sad. Hope pushed its way through those feelings because she had found a great couple that had wanted her child. They wanted her in the worst way. You see, they could not have children of their own so they had to rely on the ultimate sacrifice, another woman's child to raise as their own.

They had money, stability and plenty of love. They had everything the girl did not have. They saw the baby born, gave her a name, already loved her. They thanked the Mother for this supreme gift, knew how hard it was for her, how hard it will be every day. They were sad for the young mother.

In the end the young mother couldn't do it, she didn't give up her child. She had two long days to decide, to sign away all rights she had to the child, to give the baby the life it deserved but that she could not supply.
Now a family is devastated. Another Mother is in mourning for a baby she hardly knew, but wanted with every single fiber of her being. Her family is sad because she was let down again. Her family wanted the baby also, they too had plenty of room in their hearts.
Now the women has to stare at the beautiful pink clothes, burp clothes and diapers strewn across her big, empty house. Praying for her own baby, one that cannot be taken from her.

Please pray for her.

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