Friday, January 21, 2005


Tonight at exactly 10:34 & 10:35 my babies will be two.
Two years ago today I went in for more blood work at the hospital and learned during American Idol that I would be having an emergency C- section that night. I was 39 weeks pregnant.

At 11 pm that night I was woken from my deep sleep to tell me that I was out of surgery and I was fine (although later I was told how close I came to death, then how close I came to having a hysterectomy because of heavy bleeding) and so was my son and daughter.
Baby A was 7lbs .8 oz and Baby B was 8lbs 2 oz. They are my pride, my love and my life.

I never knew what it was like to have your heart walking around outside your body, but that is what it is. I love them more then I love myself, and every day I hope I can be the kind of mother I want them to have.
Sometimes I fail, sometimes I surprise myself. But every night before I rest my head, I check on my babies sleeping soundly in their cribs, sweetly breathing. It is the sound of their breath that brings me back to the first time I saw them, sleeping, beautiful, perfect babies.

Two years ago today I became a mother. Two years ago today changed my life.
I never knew what true, undying, pure love was.
But now I know, and I love being a mother and I love my babies. To me they will always be babies no matter how old they will be.

I love you babies, Happy Second Birthday!
Love Forever, Mommy

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  1. Happy Birthday Babies! Hope you have a good day!


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