Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I really have nothing for you today. It boils down to I am just too tired. I haven't slept well in about a year, since my Father got sick. The past two months it has gotten worse. I can't fall asleep and then I am up at 4or 5am just wide awake, then I will fall into a deep sleep at about 6:30 am only to be awoken by my husband around 8. It is just not working for me anymore, and the dark circles under my eyes have not become the newest trend like I had hoped. I do take tylenol PM but I would really like to be able to stop using them like the crutch they are. Maybe I can go to sleep school.
Is there a sleep school? If not there should be.
There definitely should be a potty training school. I mean how am I supposed to teach them? I am no expert. Although I fancy myself an expert now, on the actually pottys.

Doesn't the word SCHOOL look wrong to you?

Anyway we went to look at another nursery school yesterday which I feel was more like a glorified day care center. Then they wanted to charge me $5300 a year EACH for a 3 day a week program! They must be smoking crack, and I don't want my kids at a school where there will be crack smoking. I am a good mom that way.

Did I mention my in-laws are coming? AHHHHWEHHA! Yes, they will be arriving on Friday and thankfully, will be splitting their time with E's sister so I won't have the full brunt of their annoying bossiness and/or lies. I must start cleaning so they cannot add "bad housekeeper" to their running list of things I am bad at.


  1. Sounds like some symptoms of depression going on here... have you been screened for depression or being treated for it?

    (Feel free to delete this comment after reading.... I would have e-mailed if I had seen an e-mail link)

  2. Hey Tuesday!! I hear ya!!! i have the worst time going to sleep as well, i dont know what it is either, but no matter how hard i try i cant get to bed before 1am. The bags under the eyes are a sign of parenthood!! i have them too, we should start a club, lol
    I dont even wanna talk about potty training...that is just a nightmare, have the babies at least agreed to try to sit on the potty yet?? My little guy is dead-set against it, he was good for a week and would at least sit there, but not go...i may have to resort to bribery.
    Your horror stories about the tuition for nursery school are making it tough for me to even wanna look. maybe we should both start selling crack and that way we could afford the tuition, lol well, good luck with the in-laws, at least they live out of state and it is only a few times you have to deal with them.
    Good luck getting some sleep.....keep us updated on your in-law adventures

  3. Aw, Tuesday, I'm in the same sleeping/in-law boat as you! Its an epidemic I tell you!

    I have to say, I had not slept w/o being awakened for the first FIVE YEARS of my daughters life. Until I discovered the miracle of giving her her own room...she has slept like a baby since then. However, I could not stop my natural impulses and foolishly had two more babies right behind her. Silly mommy! My doc thinks it started a physiological chain of events that actually have sent me into a depression...so Uneasy Rider may not be far from the mark. Not to say I couldn't function or be happy....no no...but just tired and sometimes apathetic. But now I have some happy pills and I am sleeping soooo much better.

    Anyhow...you are a kick in the pants and hang in there with the potty training....I'm doing that too. (hmmm, strange how I lumped praise for you into the potty training sentence, isn't it? LOL)

    I did find a great preschool that only charged $180 every two weeks for 3 half days. The teacher there was fabulous...but she quit, and so did we. I'm bummed. My only saving grace is that kindergarten is just around the corner for my middle daughter and then I'll just sort of home preschool my last one. I hate some of the homeschooling BS, but what can ya do....she's my baby girl. She needs some of her own mommy time. And hopefully there won't be any more babies in the family for about 20 years. LOL

    Hang in there!

  4. Anonymous9:10 AM

    On Potty Training twins: Buy Potty Training in Under a Day (or something like that). I used it with my girls and they were trained by 22 months.


    I suggested it to a friend and she said her son was trained in less than a week. So I'm a big fan of that book.

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