Monday, January 03, 2005


My New Years resolutions for 2004:

Not to qualify doughnuts with jelly filling as a daily fruit requirement for the day

exercise more and not to count running upstairs for more diapers and wrangling two babies to change their diapers as exercise, although I am winding afterwards.

Not to make up alternative lyrics for the theme song of Dora peppered with bad words. For my own amusement only.

Not be such a hermit and socialize with my neighbors more.

Watch more porn

Read more. Not the usual reading materials that have headlines like : 15 easy meals in 15 minutes or How to toilet train your child.

Stop lying*

Try not to strangle everyone at my Insurance company

See a movie considering I haven't been to a movie theater in at least 2.5 years.

Have more fun with life

* that is a lie.


  1. So by saying you will watch more porn, you admit to watching porn, right?

    Goof luck in 2005. Happy new year!!!

  2. Good list. You might want to consider joining DA (Donuts Anonymous) with Average Joe and I. They can really take over your life.

  3. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Resolutions for 2005, maybe?


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