Friday, December 31, 2004

Last Post of 2004

Well, it has been a crazy year, one that I am glad is behind me. I wish I would wake up tomorrow and it will all have been a dream 2004, didn't exist ala J.R.. But I know that will not happen. I do hope I wake up tomorrow with renewed strength, happiness and vigor for life.

I did have the year peppered with some good things, the health of my babies, the purchasing of a new beautiful house, the strength of a good marriage, the love of my family and even the new friends I made on here.

I hope 2005 is a good one for you guys, thanks for stopping by my tiny place on the web and listening (and sometimes caring) about what I say.
Be safe tonight!


  1. Happy New Year Tuesday!

  2. Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR. 04 wasn't that bad. It may not have been great but it was ok, to me any way.

    I read your "true story" and I want to saw that I kind of "found out about blogs while being silly,looking up dirty words on my pc."

    I get carried away at times and just punch in a word - trying to find out if there is a word that this pc doesn't have an answer for.[there are very few]

    Just punch in > hairy legs < and see what you get.

    May the great spirit bless you and yours in the comming year.


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