Monday, December 20, 2004

The Sickies

My poor daughter is sick. I first knew something was wrong when she wanted to sit with me on the couch, she is a very busy 23 month old and has far too much pressing business usually to take more then 2 seconds out to snuggle.
Then came the runny nose, the cough and the lack of appetite. I even made cranberry orange bread, whish she and her brother refer to as "cake" and she didn't even want a bite. She didn't want her organic green juice that she loves, a bottle, yogurt, cheerios or even pizza. My poor kids was miserable.
Nothing makes you feel more helpless then when your child is sick. Especially with a cold because you know there is nothing you can do for her, except keep fluids in her which was near impossible. I even toyed with the thought of forcing water in her, but quickly tossed that idea.
Thank good ness Baby A was such a good boy this weekend, thus somewhat balancing the crabby factor in our house, at least for two days.

Shit, could it be colder here in NJ today?!?

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  1. pedialyte frozen pops. rio hasn't needed them yet, but i have given them to the dogs for years!


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