Monday, December 13, 2004

You can get with this, or you can get with that

Good Weekend. Good family that visited, although as a rule, I really don't take parenting advice from people that have no children and do not want them either. Just a silly little quirk I have.
No really, leave your advice for someone who wants it because I am not buying.

I went to a Christening yesterday, really it was a dedication because the Mother is Christian and the Father is Jewish so it was pretty nondenominational but that is fine by me. It was a nice day, nothing too exciting happened.
My sister in law has left and now I am just trying to get back into my routines. I still have about 25% of my Christmas shopping to do. E is hard, this year he may get tools, because he wants them and because it is a easy gift. The babies are done, but as soon as Christmas is over I have to start planning their 2nd birthday.. I can hardly believe my babies are going to be 2! Time really goes fast when you have kids, faster then I wanted to believe time can go.
On Wendsday I will go to the cemetery because it would have been my Father's 54th Birthday. It is a very sad time of year for me, because my heart still aches every day for him. I couldn't bear to not send him his Christmas/Birthday gift this year so I sent it to the next best person, his closest brother. I know he will enjoy the gift as much as my Dad and I know he misses his best friend too.


  1. I took my mom to the cemetary on Sunday.
    Pop's been gone since 98 but I still couldnt help a little "Hi daddy"
    "Bye daddy"

    Just makes you remember to live every day to its fullest.

  2. The gift to your uncle is a nice touch, it seems a good way to make both of you pay a tribute and remember him.


  3. I hope my daughter (if i have one) will love me as much you love your father. glad the weekend went well! I have a lay over in Newark on my way back to Geneva, wanna get a drink at the airport with the babies :) ?


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