Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hair Salon

Today was the day for my touch up on my highlights. I have started to go to the salon right by my house which kills me because I have been going to my hairdresser in north Jersey for 15 years and I get a hefty discount. I just think driving 1.5 hours for a hair appointment is a little much at this point.
This was my second visit to this salon and I know I am slightly out of the loop because of my discount but really a tough up highlight and a blow out is $135? Not even a trim I tell you. The blow out is the biggest scam in the book, because I have nowhere to go with my new fabu hair but I do not want to leave the salon with soaking wet hair either. I just want it semi dry to brave the car ride home in & save myself $35 for other things, like booze. I just want it dry, no fancy hair drying tricks, no flat iron ,I can do all of that at home. Those bastards are slippery like a fish, charging this kind of scratch. Plus Megan my hair dryout chick almost pulled every hair out of my head while rappid firing questions at me. Easy on the brush there, Meg.
Plus there are 3 separate tips I am required to give, the colorist, the hair dryer/torturer and the wash girl. Bastards!

On a happy note I had two hairgasms during my repeated washings. Score one for Tuesday Girl.

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