Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Wanna Know

I want to know what makes a man attractive outside of just good looks, or physically attractive to you? I was talking with my friends about this and we all had different answers, so I want to know what you crazy cats think. Men you can answer what you think makes a woman attractive.

I think if a man remembers something small you say in passing and then brings it up later, because he remembers it or he buys it for you. Thoughtfulness is sexy. I think a good sense of humor is attractive, obviously and someone who is smart. A man who is knowledgeable about current affairs, sports newest inventions etc. Someone you can bring anywhere & he can talk to anyone.
A man who smells good, not bathed in cologne, but smells good is extremely attractive.
What do you think?


  1. Probably the most attractive thing I see in a woman first is ATTITUDE. Positive attitude and a nice smile are really sexy attributes. To make a relationship work with such a woman, open mindedness and a willingness to say wtf is on her mind without worrying about hurting the guy's feelings (but still in a respectful way) are high on the list - maybe not #1, but mighty important.
    But attitude is very important to me... I've seen lots of fairly average (and even well below average-) looking women have their pick of guys just because they had a good attitude, weren't stuck on themselves, and were generally fun to be around.
    Now, attitude and personality are only important if we're talking relationship material. If we're just talking about finding a chick to have sex with, then attitude goes down the totem pole quite a bit and physical attributes become more important. And most guys have certain distinctive preferences.... me, personally, I'm a leg guy first. I like nice legs and a nice butt. Then a nice face. Then I like average-sized or even slightly below-average sized boobies. I really don't care for the big knockers and I don't care for a chick who's completely flat, either. But I'm probably in the minority on that... many guys do like the big hooters; I'm just not one of 'em.

  2. I agree with Uneasy Rider. Attitude is important. I like a guy who treats everyone he meets in a similar fashion. Someone who gives equal respect to the man emptying his trash and the CEO of his company.

    Of course...a nice ass doesn't hurt either.


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