Thursday, December 02, 2004


  • Some points of interest:
  • don't try to break into my house because I just installed ADT
  • Why is it that when you spell check on blogger it doesn't recognize the word "blog"? Isn't that ridiculous or ironic or something?
  • I can't get used to my new keyboard.
  • I love original Hamburger Helper.
  • I make a mean marinara sauce, minestrone soup and chili. Should I have recipe day on this blog? Like once a week? How fun.
  • My right arm underarm hair grows faster them my left. Strange?
  • Love, love love the show Lost, it gets better every week. Are you people in this with me?
  • I can't shake this cold & horrible cough. Any Chinese herbalists out there that enjoy my blog? I will trade witty banter for cure.

1 comment:

  1. I am so into "Lost" too and it does get better and better each week. This week was really good!


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