Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A big FU to channel 6 news here for interrupting Oprah (on suburban teenage prostitutes BTW) for "breaking News" that TO is out because he broke his leg or some shit. Is that breaking news? Even in Philly? Nope. Nobody cares, too fucking bad, now let me get back to Oprah, man.


PPS it is pronounced EAGLES not Iggles. fucking losers.


  1. LOL, Iggles!!! i am so happy someone else noticed that...they sound so stupid when they say that...but i'm sure people down there make fun of the northern jersey accent, i get lots of comments from people whenever i leave the area, especially down south...i just pray i dont sound as uneducated as some of these people sound with their southern accents
    btw, i hate the "Iggles" i cant wait until they choke in the playoffs again!!!

  2. Nobody here has said I have a nother Jersey accent yet. Usually E's family in NH like to make fun of it.

  3. northern jersey rocks, lol....they all must be jealous :-)


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