Thursday, December 16, 2004


Damn blogger for crapping up my post. I so don't feel like typing it over.

I am happy to report I am 75% done with my Christmas shopping. Thank goodness.

I overheard someone at Kohl's yesterday saying she was going top buy Kenny a tie tac because he doesn't have one. Wah. Kenny doesn't have one because they are out. I even doubt they were ever in. Scary shit.

So what are you getting your significant others for Christmas? E is getting tools. The babies are getting a big Dora doll, a new puzzle, remote control little cars and little people. Who knows what I am getting, E didn't even know I had a wish list on Amazon. E said he tried to get me the Felicity dvd set but nobody had it. I was like "duh, Amazon". He was all "oh yeah, Amazon, I forgot about Amazon." Then we went & smoked a doobie.
Just kidding.


  1. has it also, I wanted it for Christmas but I bought it for myself cause' I didn't feel like waiting. I'm at such a loss for gift ideas I might be going to Kohl's for that tie tac:)

  2. i got my wife a massaging foot-bath, a coat-rack, some cd's, and other silly stuff
    we got our munchkin a trampoline like they have at Gymboree, a remote controlled car, a spongebob playset, some pj's, and building blocks...he loves building

    i got my wife the 1st Felicity season on dvd along with Dawson's Creek and she has yet to watch them, that was last years gift

    nothing wrong with smoking a doobie!!!! i wish i still could, but i would be too paranoid now that i am a parent....boy i miss that!!! :-)

  3. Wow a trampoline liek at gymboree, my kids would LOVE that. Where did you get it?

    Oh well yeah doobies are great, but I am waaaayyy to paranoid also. I am afraid my kids might need an emergency organ from me & mine will all be filled with pot.

  4. we ordered the trampoline over online, here is the link:

    it folds away too which is awesome cause our house is so congested with toys to begin with....hope i was of help!! good point on the doobies, i didnt think of the whole organ thing!! you're a good mom :-)

  5. I got my wife a Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop computer (upgraded quite a bit from the base 1150) and a Garmin iQue 3600 PDA.


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