Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Why is it that sometimes I enjoy reading people's blogs and then I go and do it? I go and look at their picture. Sometimes it just ruins it and the blog isn't as good as I thought it was. Some people describe them selves as "pretty" or "attractive" and clearly they are not. Some people you just expect to look homely or nerdy and they are attractive. Occasionally it just loses something for me and I don't go back for more.
The same rings true with date sites, chatrooms or blind dates you love the conversation and you just have an expectation of what they are going to look like when they don't, it loses some spark for me.

Also, people you meet that you hate or dislike or suck ruin names for you. Believe me this comes into play big time when you are trying to name people that you are about to give birth to. We had a horrible time picking out names. Names that didn't carry a bad connotation or is a horrible character on TV. I remember throwing out the name Brennan for a boy. E wouldn't go for it because he knew a boy named Timmy Brennan in friggin 1979 that was mean to him. So Brennan was out. I tried to say there was a statute of limitations on names of people you hated, otherwise known as NOPYH, but was shot down. Some names make you think of overweight people, some 90210 cast members, some are better suited for pets, some even a bratty kid you encountered.
What names do you hate for strange reasons?


  1. That's why I don't put my picture up, even though I am kinda cute to certain girls :)

  2. I cannot stand the name Megan, and even variations of it--Margo, Meg, Margaret, etc. I can't think of a single person I have known with this name that I really liked. Of course, that's probably coincidence.

    I also don't like the name Libby, as it reminds me of my husband's ex-girlfriend (meaning his girlfriend before me).

    And then there was a really mean girl in high school--Heather. But then again, I can't hate that name too much, seeing as it is my name. No self loathing here.

    Isn't it funny how names can carry such a stigma, even over the years?

  3. I tend to agree on the photos. If they're right on the blog page then it's not bad because you see them from the start. Otherwise you develop a mental image and they don't ever match. Kind of like reading a novel then seeing the movie.


  4. we ended up with the last names of both my great-grandmothers. bear, my husband, hated everything. would just say 'no'. didn't offer *anything* up, just said no to everything. i was ready to strangle him :)

  5. The Brennan thing brings back some memories... I knew a guy named Pete Brennan - also right around 1979 - but it was I who was mean to HIM. Man, that guy took a load of crap from me back then.
    Then we named our boy Logan... I wanted his middle name to be Barry, but Trish shot that one down.
    Then when Lianne was born, Trish gave her the middle name of Marinda after Trish's grandmother. I wanted the first name to be Carmen - again got shot down.

  6. See now Carmen reminds me of this fat mean girl from high school. Bad connotation for me.

  7. Chris

    old school names for girls like Edna or Edie.

    Might as well call them old bag.

  8. You still think I'm hot, right?

  9. Will, please, you are the hottest. I keep coming back don't i?


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