Monday, December 06, 2004

Caught You

I was watching Good Morning America today & I caught Lindsay Lohan lipsincing. Not really a shocker, I know. E sister and her husband are coming in from Florida on Thursday. We are very excited to see them and I am a little nervous about my first house guests in my new house. There are still a million things that are not unpacked yet and a ton of decorating to do.
Oh well.
Yesterday we took the babies to the Picture People to have their pictures taken, what a bad move. The dread I had all day should have told me to just stay home under the covers, but I did not heed that warning. The babies would not stop jumping, they would not sit close together iof one smiled the other was crying or looking away. It was horrible, there was nothing we could do, there will be no Christmas pictures for me this year. I was pissed. Then we took them to see Santa and they did not even cry, they sat on his lap, baby B smiled baby A didn't, but that was ok.
They are fascinated with our Christmas tree but they already broke 2 ornaments. I couldn't even put on about half of our ornaments because I knew babies + tile floor = disaster.
I was right.


  1. What ornaments do you put on the tree?

  2. What we have on our tree now is lights, ribbon, balls, dora ornaments and unbreakable and wooden ornaments.

  3. Couldn't help but to notice that you stepped into my realm the other day. Just wondering how you got there.
    Always curious as to how someone as seemingly nice and innocent as you would happen to be so unlucky as to fall into the C.C.C. .

  4. hi and thanks!!! i can't email from my blog for technical reasons far beyond my understanding so e me, if you would.... nv@planetnita(dot)com. can't wait to hear all about it!

    ok, now i'm going to read your blog past for a while to catch up. thanks again :)


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