Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Commercials That Make me Want to Kick My TV Screen In

I am attacked each day with these commercials this time of year, that make me want to spork my own eyes out. They are in no particular order:

The 1987 commercial, that sucked then, that they keep playing at Christmas time like it is some kind of American tradition or some shit. The one with the feathered hair boy who sneaks home for Christmas and then he and his sister make shitty coffee for his parents to surprise them. Enough already with this commercial.

Any luxury car commercial where the gift is the over priced car sitting in the driveway with a huge bow on it. 1% of the population can afford to give a $65k car for Christmas and I don't think they need a commercial to remind them that a car may be a good gift for their spouse. Up yours Lexus.

The stupid ass outback steakhouse radio commercials with their catchy, original commercials make me want to ram my car into a brick wall. We get it. Enough.

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  1. It's those commercials for DIAMONDS that drive me nuts. F'n DeBeers or whoever runs those things.... show her you'd do it all over again with a $50k bracelet. Not that she ain't worth it, but for Chrissake, we have so many better uses for that $50k... like, wouldn't you rather have the basement finished? The killer is that my wife, Trish, really believes that crap when she sees it on TV. And she still hasn't really mastered the lessons of limited resources - i.e., that purchase of the $50k bracelet really means we don't get the basement finished. I want to change the channel every time I see one of those commercials.


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