Thursday, January 06, 2005


Confession number 1:

I never write down the "reference number" that they give you when you call to place a catalog order or call for help from a help desk.
I actually pretend to write it down, repeating the letters and/or numbers all the while I am cleaning the counters or putting away leftovers.


  1. Oh I never write any of that down. I am sure sooner or later it will bite me is the ass when i trying to return something.

  2. Amanda, you are my kind of girl

  3. I hate when we get a "courtesy call" from god knows where and if it's for Rich they leave a number. I don't write it down. One bitch said, "Now read that back to me so that I know you wrote it down." I did her one better....I hung up on her!! She wouldn't tell me where she was calling from so.....oh well!

  4. Sometimes I ask them to repeat it, while I write "I like boobs" or something.


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