Monday, June 20, 2005

Mondays Stink

I am officially in the post vacation blues. I wish I was relaxing on the beach sipping yummy fruity frozen drinks. Instead I am facing a mountain of laundry and a dirty kitchen floor.

There is a new law I want to pass in this country, it is: all bathing suits must come with adjustable shoulder straps like a bra.
Why the fuck don't they? I can't take the straps falling down or, just not staying on properly at all. I have one Donna Karen bathing suit that has the adjustable straps that I may have to wear for the rest of my life.
The bummer is that it is red and I am not really a red person.

Secondly, I noticed more and more people using grape jelly. I am a strawberry jelly fan and grew up in a strawberry jelly only household, so I am new to the grape thing.
I am liking the grape jelly though not as much as strawberry, and I hate marmalade.

Well, this was a boring post.


  1. Boring and highly disturbing. I cannot believe you actually implied that strawberry jelly is even in the same league as grape jelly. Orange marmalade, as immortalized in the song "Lady Marmalade" (though not the strawberry-jam-like version done by Lil' Kim, Christina and that other woman), is known as the royalty of jams and jellies.

    Just so you know, strawberry jelly was well-known to ancient cultures, usually as the jelly of choice by whatever passed for an evil diety in their religion.

  2. Mondays suck, unless it's your birthday ... and yesterday was mine! :-)

    Okay, I only use grape jelly. When I eat jelly that is, and lately I haven't.

  3. Bathing suits with adjustable bra like straps. And they always said.. "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". Anybody listening?


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