Friday, June 24, 2005


I have my period.
Every since I had people come out of my body, my period has been different. Not good different, either. It is harder/faster/stronger/unpredictable/more painful and just a jerk.

How about this, big pharma stop concerning yourself with men's penises and if they can get erect for 238 hours straight and make something for my period THAT WORKS. Novel idea huh?
My period laughs at advil, tylenol and pamperin. My period raises two middle fingers and gives the big FU to any over the counter pills.

How about something that prevents me from getting a full day of diarrhea every month with debilitating cramps? Yeah, trying to care for 2.5 year old twins when you have cha chas is not fun.

This post was brought to you by the letters P M and S.


  1. PAMPRIN! The only thing that workd! I swear you will feel like a different girl :)

  2. I'm not sure if you'll appreciate my solution.

    First and foremost, I've developed an allergy to ibuprofin, my best friend around that time of the month. So when my periods came back, it was hell.

    The evil that is my period stayed awayfor 3 years and 1 month after my LMP with the munchkins. When it returned, we immediately started TTC again.

    Took a while, but it worked. No more periods or any of the hell that comes along with them in my future.

  3. I hear ya!!! Amen!

  4. I have never had bad periods, but it does seem unfair that they can get men's thingees up and atom for days and days but can't make simple cramps go away.

  5. DQ, congrats! I want all the details.

  6. dont hate my penis.

    it <3s you.

  7. Ask your doc for Anaprox DS. It works wonders for headaches and cramping. Love the stuff!!

    If the periods get too bad, you might also wanna ask your doc about uterine ablation (if you are done with kids). I had mine done in January, and am still period free! None of that monthly mayhem anymore.

  8. Ever thought about looking into Seasonale??? Aunt Flo will only visit four times a year on that stuff...only FOUR times!! It's a beautiful thing...


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