Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Today I have to find other ways to amuse my in-laws. Yesterday I pulled out all the stops, baby pool in the backyard, huge diner, made a chocolate pie for dessert, fun fun fun.

Today, I got nothing. I am out of fun, cool things to do.

E gets off so easy he claims he has to go to work for 7 hours, whilst I am stuck at home with one car and 3 adults and 2.5 year old twins. He will owe me BIG TIME. Believe me, I will collect.

I think today will consist of a trip to Target, trying to stay cool inside ( it is going to be 90 all week! help) and trying to feed all of us at the appropriate times.

Who wants to come over and help? Or at least come over & bring a gun.


  1. I'll come with you to Target. I love that store!!

  2. Oh Target! Maybe the in-laws will buy lots of presents!

  3. I can help but it will likely involve breaking the law.


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