Friday, June 10, 2005

No Jury In The Land Would Convict Me

If my sister in law doesn't get here soon to pick up E's parents, I am going to drop kick them back to Florida.
I swear.

I cannot take the incessant talking and the sheer volume of it. They NEVER shut up.
Here is a piece of conversation I was privy to at 8am this morning:

"Do you want grapes? Do you want green grapes? Do you like Green grapes? I like grapes. Yum, grapes. Do you like red grapes? Tuesday, did you taste these grapes? They are very sour, the kids don't like them. Yuk, sour grapes. "

Both of them talking at once, fast & furious.
I feel like dying.

If one of them at any point would realize I was trying to watch the news, and the babies are loud enough, if they would shut it for like 3 seconds, it would be a successful day.


  1. Hmmm...perhaps they need a big ol' plate of special **magic*** brownies so they'll shut the hell up and watch cartoons, and they only things you'll hear will be the occasional giggle and the rattle of a Doritos bag.

  2. That is horrible!!!!! Maybe pelting them with grapes would shut them up??? Why are they like that??????
    I would smother them with a pillow when they were asleep. Uhm...did I say that out loud? Ooops.

  3. OMG, you have my ILs. Do yours smoke? It just adds to the fun when they both talk loudly over each other AND they reek like smoke in the process.

    My ILs could never figure out why the munchkins (when they were smaller) didn't like them.

    They also can't figure out why I come close to screaming when it's bedtime and they won't be quiet enough to let the kids sleep.

    Oh, you poor thing! I feel for you.


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