Monday, June 27, 2005

Yucky Weekend

I did not have a great weekend. On Saturday I wanted to go home to visit my sister and help with her new baby. On the way up I got a flat tire and I really freaked out. Thank goodness I was close to a gas station so I pulled in. The gas station couldn't help me because they didn't have the help or some bull crap like that.
I called home to ask E what to do, but he didn't bring the phone outside so he didn't hear it and I had to call my Mom instead. Thank goodness she was nearby so she came to hang out with me while we waited for roadside assistance to come & put on the spare so I could go to Sears Auto & get a new tire for my 90 mile ride home.
Sear Auto promptly "fucked me in the ass", as E said and over charged me for one measly tire. How am I supposed to know, although I took basic care car in high school and got an A, I really know nothing about cars or any parts of them.
And if E wasn't deaf, then maybe he would have heard the phone to answer tire questions.

I have never even pumped my own gas.

So now I am going to research my car and have E teach me to change a tire, check fluids and all that manly stuff.
I refuse to wait for any man to answer the phone to help me.


  1. Wow I'm sorry about your nasty weekend! The way I am right now, I would have been bawling if that had happened to me. Major props to you, though, for learning to do all that stuff! Hope your week goes better than your weekend!

  2. mmm.
    1. jack up car
    2. unscrew lug nuts
    3. remove tire
    4. put new tire on
    5. screw lug nuts
    6. unjack

    tires can cost anywhere from 25-100 ea, and more depending. the nascar tires cost $20 thousand each, and they replace those every 20 miles or so... eeek!



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