Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

E and I are decided whether or not to go to Live 8. We live very close to Philly but it would be big trouble getting in because they are closing roads at 6am and then parking is a problem. We would have to go really early & just wait for hours and with the heat we have been having lately, well it may not be the best idea.
I can't even run the steps like Rocky did because it will be too crowded and plus that is a gay idea.

I would like to see Destiney's Child, Jay Z, P Diddy, Sarah Maclachlan and Stevie Wonder. I don't really care for the rest of them.

Plus I hate Will Smith.

Would you go?


  1. I think that if I lived close then I would go and there will be some good people there. If you do go take lots of pics!

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    So, first of all, love your blog.
    Second, though it seems gay, it really is cool to run the steps like Rocky. I had never been to Philly before and that was one of the only things I knew about the city. It's a good workout, too.
    I think I would go. Those are some pretty good acts and how many times would you get the chance to see them all at the same time. Plus, Live 8 is an amazing thing if it works. You'd be participating in history. I sound like Bono or something.

  3. Not a chance! Crowds drive me insane. Aren't they broadcasting though?

  4. Robyn, just kidding that it is gay, I have already done it!

  5. go, it a twice in a lifetime experience.

  6. I am DYING to go (duh, Bon Jovi will be there!). But we will be in CT that weekend. Hub and I talked about it, though, and while I think it would be an awesome experience, if you think about it logically and picture where they are having it - its going to be a complete madhouse. I would almost guarantee you'd be watching it on a big screen from blocks away anyway.

    But if you go - say hi to Jon for me!

  7. Hmmmm... tough call. If you're really into it, then I'd certainly say you should go. But since you're having SOME doubts, I'd say that's your signal not to go.

  8. The trip would be worth it just for the mojito's at Cuba Libre alone!! I say go, it's not very often you'll get all of that talent together in one place!

    As for the steps at the museum, I almost made the run last month...it's a lot of friggin steps! We decided Rocky was an ass anyway and ended up walking them :)

  9. Bekkah, I am hearing a lot about Cuba Libre, it is that good huh?
    I am putting it on my list, next time I get a night free of children!

  10. Not as good as Son & Cubano in NYC (closest to authentic Cuban cuisine I’ve ever had! AND phenomenal live music), but the food was good, the drinks were better and the ambiance was great!!


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