Thursday, June 02, 2005


I am missing you today,
like always
I still remember your smell, your voice and the feeling of your stong hands on my back
I hope I can remember them forever
I see you in the ocean, I feel you when I am on the beach, when I think I am alone
I know I am not

Thank you for everything you taught me, for your humor and for all of your love
even when I tested you, you stayed and loved more

I wish you were here, just for a day for even one more moment
I would show you my children, you would say they remind you of me
you would tell me my daughter is stubborn like I was and you would laugh
a laugh that would tell me that I was in for a lot of trouble with her, but it would be worth it
You would think to yourself that my son reminds you of yourself, with warm eyes, sweet and loving
I would tell you that you were the best, but you wouldn't have believed me
you really were

I would tell you how much I ache for you, how much I cried for you
how much you are missing
but you would not want to hear that

I understand

I wonder if the tears will ever dry, if I will ever stop being so sad
If the knowledge that a piece of me is missing, a huge piece, will ever fade
like the sun into the horizon

I never knew the sun would still return and the Earth would still rotate with out you
I thought it was impossible

I just miss you.


  1. Is this about your dad? Made me cry. He is thinking of you today for sure :)

  2. That is really beautiful and so sad. I have felt this way too.

  3. How touching. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    i just called my dad to tell him he is great.

    thanks for the reminder.

    i needed it.

  5. very touching...

  6. I hope my kiddos say the same for me when I'm gone...

    As a Dad, I love to share my personal stories on my blog. I might poke fun at the kids, but I want them to view me in that same way. Even when I say they're killin me.

  7. Amanda, it is about my Dad.
    I hope everyone knows that there is not enough time in the world for goodbyes, but there is enough for a million I Love Yous.

  8. i love this post. bear will be this kind of dad :) thanks for this tuesday girl. a little piece of your heart can go a long way...

  9. Tuesday Girl,

    Hang in there! I still have the sad/missing days too. Don't be afraid to be sad.


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