Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baby, Baby

I was supposed to go for my first OB appointment today and find out all the good things you find out on your first visit.
I got there 15 minutes before my appointment, E walked in to meet me about 10 minutes later. Fifty minutes after that my name was still not called. I had to go up and make a new appointment because I had to leave to pick up the kids from school.
The office is a busy one but waiting that long is ridiculous and I wouldn't go back to her except she was the one who found the lump on my thyroid and I am grateful to her. Very grateful.

So my new appointment isn't until Tuesday, so five more days of doing the "singleton" baby dance. We do only want one baby this time around. No more.
Of course my twins were a huge blessing but we would like to try one this time, thankyouverymuch.
I do have a 20-25% chance of having twins again, so that scares the crap out of me.
I don't know my actual due date, but I think my due date will be somewhere in mid April.

So that is why I haven't been able to sleep, and have been so tired. It is also why I was miserable while I was sick, because I couldn't take anything.

This will not turn into a pregnancy blog, but you will hear me complain from time to time and rejoice and even cry a little because you know how those hormones are.
Right now though? I just need a nap.


  1. Why am I the first to comment everytime I come here? What is that about?'re ovaries like to work overtime, is that it? Maybe you need to stop on over later and rub your screen while looking at my site and see if any of that ju-ju rubs off.

  2. okay.

    if you do have twins again i will *totally* take one.

    your choice.


    and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  3. hey, if you're giving 'em away...
    still super happy for you here!

  4. DD, you can totally have one if I have twins. You may have to fight Nita for it.

    Thanks for all the well wishes people! Love ya.

  5. I will keep my fingers crossed for only one baby...but like other people said. if you are into giving one away... add me to your list of potential homes. LOL!

  6. I don't want one of your babies (no offense!) but wanted to say contgrats! I'm so happy for you.


  7. I am expected to have twins at some point too, because in my family a lot of people have had them!
    Good luck, Helen xx


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