Friday, September 08, 2006


I have passed the queasy faze of the pregnancy I hope for good. You know, where smells make you sick to your stomach and NOTHING is appealing to eat? There were plenty of days where I would only eat one meal because of the queasy factor, and while some things do make me sick to think about, I think (hope) I have moved passed that.

We may have moved into the "I want everything as a craving" portion of the pregnancy. Where every day it is something new and delicious to eat.
Monday-tacos! Tuesday- burgers! Wednesday- pasta! Thursday- Ice cream!!!
Friday- a salad with everything in it!
You get the picture.

I am glad that I am not a gross pregnant eater. Like my friends who crave bananas and ketchup or the women who have pica cravings.
I am not a pickle and ice cream eater. I am just an over eater.
Oh, God, I just pray I don't gain too much weight. I only gained 19.5lbs with the twins and I highly doubt that will be the case this time.

So, tell me what your worst pregnancy cravings were, and maybe I will send a prize to the grossest craving.

This prize may or may not be bananas and ketchup.


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! A happy and healthy 40 weeks to you!!

    I craved powdered sugar donuts dipped in potato soup. Yum right? That was the first pregnancy.
    With the second I craved hot wings and ice cream sandwiches. Obviously not eaten combined, but in the same sitting, numerous times. That was bad, and the beginning of a close relationship with antacids.

  2. When I was pregnant I craved roast chicken! Sometimes on my way home from pregnancy yoga I would go to the supermarket and buy a piece or rotisserie roast chicken. WHY DO I THINK THIS IS WEIRD? I'm a vegetarian!!

  3. Kind of weird that arielle said donuts and potato soup because I loved chocolate cake and mashed potatos. Gross, I know.

    But I actually found out after admitting it years after my pregnancy that many people consider that some weird form of dietary... what-do-you-call-it? yin and yang? I don't know, they compliment each other or something. I can't stomach the thought now, but it worked with my first born. Maybe that's what's wrong with him! LOL

  4. bologna sandwiches on wonder bread with mustard and american cheese :) and soy sauce- I think that could drink it if that wasn't like totally bad.

  5. Amamnda, You did call it right when I said I couldn't sleep. You knew!

  6. good luck in your lifetime journey!!!

  7. Hostess Cupcakes...not too good for the weight gain :)

  8. I got totally screwed with my pregnancy. I was sick until my eighth month and I think I ingested about 400 calories the entire pregnancy. I threw up literally everything I ate about ten minutes after I ate it. No cravings, no binges, nothing. I lost fourteen pounds my first trimester and then gained fifteen overall. I hope I am not sick for my next one so I can happily indulge.

  9. French Fries. Dipped in everything and anything- dipped in ice cream, Wendy's frosties, hot sauce, ranch dressing, olive oil, vinegar...I had to have french fries Every. Single. Day.
    I wasn't big on weird cravings, even though people would see me dipping my fries and look like they wanted to hurl. Hey, they were good to me!

  10. Congrats! Baby, baby, baby!!

    Nothing with the first. Too sick. Mac & cheese with the second. The third, Burger Kind whopper with cheese and also ice and sunflower seeds with the shells ON! It was gross. My hubby had to purchase seeds POUNDS at at time. Pica perhaps?

  11. With the twins I craved cheeseburgers with fries and gravy on the side. A few times a week I would venture out and indulge at the local fantastic greasy spoon. Delightful :) Towards the end of that pregnancy I craved ice. Made in tiny tiny ice tray molds. Loved, craved and consumed much ice in the final months.


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