Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Want What I Want

Yesterday I woke up with a craving. It is not a pregnancy thing, I always have a strange craving, then I will get it and that will be that. If I want something gross like White Castle hamburgers I will get it and have some and I won't crave it again for another year.
Yesterday it was for spinach. Spinach sauteed with some garlic and olive oil to be precise. Well, of course that is the day all the spinach in all the of the US has been tossed in the garbage because it was killing people.
Damn spinach. I already had some delicious e coli from a craving I had in Maine 9 years ago.
Needless to say I have never eaten at Burger King since.

Jeez, I girl just wants some iron.


  1. hi, its my first time visiting your blog and i just wanted to congratulate on your pregnancy:)
    i think its the sweetest most amazing and wonderful natural phenomenon that two people who love each other could go through.
    wishing you a happy pregnancy:)

  2. I had a smiliar craving: I like fresh spinach instead of lettuce on my subway sandwich. Instead I went and had a couple of eggrolls.

    Oh be quiet. My life is exciting sometimes, too.

  3. It really sucks- I can't believe this spinach fiasco. I really want some spinach myself. And you NEED it for the folic acid!! Don't they realize? LOL.

  4. Myabe you could try frozen spinach...not as food as fresh, but it will do in a pinch!

  5. That sounds yummy! I love it with angel hair pasta too. I'm with Kelly, maybe frozen spinach?

    Love your blog! I read it all the time.

  6. Oddly enough, I was vibing the spinach thing myself!

  7. My husband is always trying to get me to eat spinach and now I might be able to avoid it forever...I got away from broccoli when I told him that it would give the baby gas.

    I am not a vegetable person, to be honest I eat like I am ten years old.

  8. Yeah, I am not pregnant but I really wanted a spinach pie with pepperoni from the pizza shop on my block. I had to settle for a calzone...
    damn e.coli!

  9. It is just my luck that what I want is healthy and now I can't have it!!!
    in2deep, thank you very much.

    beth, thank you, you should comment more, we love comments!


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