Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Anniversary

As I waited in the doctor's office to be called in, a old man came in pushing his equally old wife in her wheelchair. He wrote her name down on the sheet, pushed her into a comfortable spot and sat down next to her.
Just as he sat down he bounced back up, he unbuttoned the single button on her sweater that he had lovingly placed over her shoulders.
She was handicapped, in what way I didn't know, but she didn't have full control over her muscles and would scream out every few minutes or so.
I stared at them, not because I found her to be a freak but because of the love they had.

That little, frail man cared for his wife in every way possible even though he himself was not young and spry anymore. He wiped the drool from her chin, he took her to doctor's appointments, he waited with her, he made small talk with the people sitting closest to him, he asked her if she was warm or too cold, despite the fact she never answered him.
Call it what you will, what I saw that day from that man was true love. It brought tears to me eyes, and it made me think of my husband.

On Friday we celebrated our sixth wedding Anniversary.
It wasn't a good day by any means, it became clear that I was truly miscarrying our babies and I felt like a failure to my husband. He had never made me feel like that, that was all me.
In the height of my sadness and anger I asked why is all this happening to me, I felt like God's cruel joke the past three years.
I would finally gather myself and I remembered who was sitting by me all those trying times, through the surgery, the needles, the funeral and all the bad news.
It was E.

My love for him has grown more then I thought it could. I love him so very much, more then I could ever express here.
The greatest writers and poets could never convey how great of a person, husband and Father he is.
I won't even try.

On our wedding day, six years ago, the sky was so blue and was speckled with puffy clouds. It was the day you dream about when you picture your wedding. Warm and so very beautiful.
On Friday we had the exact same weather here. On this day though, we weren't in a limo wearing fancy clothes, we were driving home to meet some of the people who were with us that very day, and we had two beautiful healthy kids in the car with us.
Our kids.

That is how I know that through the storms and rain, when we don't think we can make it through in one piece, we will come out into the sunshine and things will be so clear.
So very clear.


  1. Happy Anniversary Tuesday & E. Here's to many more years together. And may he lovingly wipe the drool from your chin when you grow old. (That was a great love story, I also believe that's true love.)
    Hugs for you, my dear.

  2. Happy anniversary - and you two sound like a very strong couple. I am sorry for all you've been through - but from an outsiders perspective - you seem stronger from it.

  3. Happy Anniversary Tuesday & E.

    What a beautiful post about the love and how it grows through the years. I know I love my own hubby more now than on the day we married cause he's grown into a wonderful man and an even more wonderful father.


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