Friday, September 15, 2006

TMI Friday

Yesterday the naps went well, today? Not so much.
I guess they are not into naps as much as this fetus and I am. They are really missing out because it is perfect napping weather, cool and rainy.

I am so tired this pregnancy that I wonder how I worked full time last pregnancy without killing people and/or vats of caffeine.
I guess I am four years older and time just kicks your ass.

As far as pregnancy is concerned I also forgot about how big my boobs get. I swear they are huge. I am a C cup anyway, but already my cup runneth over. I told E last night I have to purchase a myriad of bras in varying sizes.
This won't be pretty.
I would post pictures but for that, you will have to donate something like babysitting time, cases of booze or cold hard cash.

Recently, I also was harshly reminded of the gas issues related to pregnancy. It is a terrible problem as they are killing me softly.
Actually, they do not expel softly, they are loud but thank goodness always scent free.
Is this TMI? Well too bad.
This is my blog and I will type about farts if I want to.


    Poor boobs! Poor tummy! What's funny is that your kids are going to start farting loudly as much as possible now. "Hey, if Mommy can do it so can we!" LOL!
    I think if I got pregnant again I'd want to die, i slept so much my last pregnancy because I felt beat son would never let me sleep(nap) now.

  2. I can't imagine beign pregnant while having kids....I guess that reading your blog will be good birth control for at least the next 8 months!

  3. Ah, those were the days! Well, not really :)


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