Monday, September 18, 2006

Walk it Off

I decided I have to walk every day to keep healthy and keep some excess weight off. I really do not want to be the person that gains 60lbs with her pregnancy.
So I walked while the kids used their scooters for forty minutes this morning.

Then I came home and cancelled everything out because I ate two donuts.

I need someone to say "stop eating that crap, you don't need donuts, the baby doesn't need a gross sugar overdose before it is even born. Don't you want to be healthy?"
Then I will say "hey, I wanted friggin spinach, but I can't have that. The donuts were there, and I ate them, lay off".

So really, even if I had the tough food love, I would still do whatever I wanted.

Damn ego.


  1. Do what I do and blame it on someone else. I feel better about it pretty much every time!!

  2. Don't think of it as cancelling out, think of it as breaking even!

  3. Hey at least you will be pregnant during Halloween- an excuse to eat the kids candy :)


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