Friday, April 06, 2007


What I am up to today:

  • It is E's birthday today so making a nice dinner and a cake
  • My 13 yo niece and 11 yo nephew are here until tomorrow morning, so entertaining them
  • trying not to drink to excess until at least 4pm
  • finding something to wear for Easter
  • trying to stay sane
  • eating tons of meat because Jesus told me to do so
  • boiling eggs
  • coloring those eggs
  • bathing kids who have egg color all over them
  • drinking

And what are you doing this fine Friday? Happy Easter!


  1. Today is my husband's birthday as well! His mom is coming into town with her husband. They should be here within the hour so I'm trying to wrap up my "working from home" part of the day and making sure the house is ready since they haven't seen it before. I wish I was coloring eggs, that sounds fun!

  2. Kristi10:33 AM

    You really do need a break! I don't know how you do it.

  3. Erin, sounds like fun!

    kristi, I drink! J/K

  4. I'm doing none of those things but wish I were doing a few of those tings!

  5. Happy Birthday to E!
    And egg coloring... I should go buy a kit so i could keep these kids entertained.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Ahhh drinking and eating lots of meat! LOL I plan to lay low and go shopping and buying chocolate eggs on sale!

  7. We colored eggs (and had the requisite bath) too! I'm actually sitting here watching The Sound Of Music for the millionth time ... and separately giving in to the realization that I think Mark Cuban is hot. Damn I'm lame.

  8. I dressed up like the Easter bunny and tormented the neighbor children. I wish I were kidding but sadly...this is my life.

  9. I had my FIL here... Which leads to copious amounts of wine just coping with his 78 year old being... as he sucks the air out of the room with endless stories of how great he is... and as he tries to pick up my baby sister and offers to do Viagra for her... You are left just muttering obcenities like you have terrets as one would be prone to have at 40 years of age...
    Ahhhh, the holidays!!!!
    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes you wish you went to my place for Easter doesn't it???


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