Monday, April 30, 2007

Party Weekend

Instead of napping I hear my daughter in her room singing "girlfriend" by Avril Levine. It is so cute that I can almost forgive her for not napping.

On Saturday the kids had a birthday party to go to. When they received the invitation on Tuesday my first instinct was to decline because I knew E was working and I would have to attend this party by myself and actually interact with people, a area where I have regressed in since moving down here. Notice I still have no friends. It has only been four years.
I knew i had to take them because they would have so much fun and it was a nice change of pace for a rainy Saturday.
We went and my kids had a blast and I even interacted with some parents. Wow, what a novelty.

Now if only I could get an invitation to a party. They kind where the fruit punch is spiked and the bounce house is strictly for drinking games.


  1. Glad you had fun at the birthday party. When I took my daughter to a birthday party last weekend, even though she was very shy and bashful and didn't talk to hardly anyone, she talked to more people than I did. LOL

    Do I have to make friends to get invited to the spiked-fruit punch party? LOL

  2. Kristi9:25 AM

    I would SO go to that party! I'm having flashbacks now...

    I know what you mean about the friend situation. We are so wrapped up with my daughter's sports and have been for years, so the only people I'm ever around are sports people. What the hell am I going to do when she goes off to college next year? I guess I'll have to get to know the other moms on the college basketball team (she'll be on scholarship at college so at least the time we spent chasing her all over the country wasn't a waste!)

  3. You are officially invited to my house, this Friday night, for cosmos in the hot tub...there will be live men dancing naked and we will all be drunk.

    no need to rsvp....

  4. alison, I know what you mean....
    kristi, good for your daughter!
    beth, you had me at "cosmos"

  5. Oh, my gosh, you should post audio of that. That sounds SO cute! LOL.

  6. Beth, can I come?????


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