Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Blues

Finally after days and days of raining and flooding we had some beautiful weather here in NJ. It lightened my mood for the first part of the weekend, but I couldn't help myself feel blue yesterday.

I think it is the onset of spring, when I take out my capri pants and shorts and Ts and realize I need to lose weight or all my clothes are ugly and old. It is really depressing. Plus, ladies, is it me or are all the shirts out there now for us remind you of maternity shirts? Long Ts and belted empire waists? No thank you.
It seems like all cute, printed t shirts are for men.
I mean I am not wet seal but even though I just celebrated another birthday, I am SO not ready to be LL Bean yet either. I am inbetween where leggings under my oversized shirt and blet do not fit, but I refused to call it a day and start wearing sweaters with kittens all over it. I vow, that I will never wear a kitten sweater. (funny because I always threaten my mother with one of those god awful "Grandmas sweethearts" sweathirts with a picture of a rainbow and clowds or something equally god awful, and has a list of all the names of her grandkids. She gets pissed when I say that because I tell her she will have to wear it "for her sweet grandkids, What will the kids say, mom, when their grandma won't even weat the special sweatshirt with all of their names on it and the matching hat?" Do it for the kids!)

bottom line is: I need some fashion suggestions.

Plus, I know I love black. I always wear black, especially tops, all black, but in summer? Not so much fun. It really is too hot to wear black all the time but I find myself always going for the shirt or pants in black. Maybe I will have to go with white.
Black or white? Who am I, Victoria Gotti?

How exciting is this post? Really?

Listen, what do you want I have a gyn appointment first thing tomorrow morning and I am dreading it already.


  1. The "billowy" look look good only on the super young and super thin. As soon as mid-riff shirts come back in stye, THAT'S when I'll finally get pregnany again.

    I'll admit that I've been creeping ever closer to Land's End and away from GAP. I'm not sure if it's because of the quality...

    I have to admit I love for not just apparel, but their decor.

  2. Kristi1:04 PM

    I just got back from Targ@t and found a couple of cute tops and capris. I'm one of those people that has to have black on and I usually have denim or kakhi pants or capris. The shirts were still empire cute but had a sort of contoured bottom so it wasn't "flowing" if that makes any sense.

    I'm a shoe FREAK and normally don't like cheap shoes but I went to pay!ess today and they had some REALLY cute kakhi w/ brown trim pumps and LOADS of wedge shoes. I couldn't help myself!!

  3. I always wear black in the summer, too. I have to go online for cute t-shirts ... there's nothing in the stores!

  4. I am so sorry I haven't been to visit. I have been so busy this month and my blogging has suffered. I am so with you on not being wet seal but not wanting to be LL bean. Except not "yet" I say NEVER LL BEAN! I keep asking Tim and even my mom "what will I wear when I'm 50?" My mom says "the same thing you do now!" because she does. But sometimes I think I can't do that either. Ugh.

  5. I wear these skirts from Old Navy- they are just cotton and they fold down on the top. They come in lots of colors. That and a tank top in the summer and you are cool. I am not a shorts short girl so it is good that the longer length ones are in. I am sure you look cute in anything. And I love black too :)

    Lands Ends bathing suits rock too!

  6. I am not one to give advice. I live in black, brown and beige year round (yes, even in summer).

  7. I KNOW what you mean about the clothes stuff. I'm not built for Express or Wet Seal as I'm no longer in my teens or 20's ... BUt good grief, I'm not old enough for elastic waistbands either.


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