Friday, April 13, 2007

My New Life

I woke up in just a terrible mood today. It may be the weather which is cold (wtf?) and rainy here. It may just be I like to be a bitch sometimes.

I went to the grocery store already this morning with my kids which is a terrible situation for a myriad of reasons. I remembered when I was the person with the small cart with a baguette, some imported yummy cheese, 4 containers of yogurt and a ton of fresh herbs in my cart.
Now I am the loser with the huge ass shopping cart with the stupid car attached so both kids can fit in the cart and one is not in every shoppers way. My big ass cart is filled with bulk paper towels, juices and 15 packages of chicken breasts, because lets face it, besides chicken what the fuck is there to eat?
My goal for me today besides getting something for my kids to eat?
Take a shower.

I have huge aspirations.


  1. Nothing says "sexy!" better, now does it?

    I like to wear my daisy dukes and 4" wooden platform shoes when I'm pushing the car cart down the grocery aisles.

    And what's wrong with steak?

  2. dd, youre too sexy for the grocery store.
    Steak is good but I am not a huge red meat fan,. E could eat it every day if I let him.

  3. Ok I really laughed at your post. I know exactly what you mean!

    I am with you 100%!

  4. Ugh, I hate those car carts.

    As if it's not enough of a stigma to push a bright red car filled with screaming kids around the store, those things are impossible to steer. So I always end up running into crap with them.

  5. Kristi10:39 AM

    I NEVER took my kids to the grocery store. I tried it one time and I was miserable so that was it for them until just a few years ago. Of course, when my kids were little, they didn't have to car attached to the cart!

  6. Fantanstic! Never has so much been said in such a small space. Hope you got that shower in.

  7. 1. You know that you're a parent when you go from buying wine because you WANT it to buying wine because you NEED it. LOL

    2. Glad the massage was great.

    4. Around here, we have Giant Eagle. They have this kickass thing called "The Eagles Nest". You can drop the kids off at the play area - it's SUPER well secured - for up to two hours. Trust me - I use as much time as possible shopping. LOL

  8. Today I went to the store and purchased the following:

    1 bottle of magnesium laxative oral solution.

    1 Fleet enema

    Box of rubber gloves.

    Yup...I win the sexy award. Of course, I didn't have the baby with me so I lost a few points.

  9. rebecca, I hate thsoe stupid car carts too and I really never use them. So hard to steer!

    mitch, right on.

    h, we don't have that here. : (

    brooke, you WIN!


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