Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Has Not Sprung

Spring? Where?
Not here in NJ. It has been raining no less then 32 hours and there is no end in sight. Not cute little spring raindrops either, full on rain and last night I just knew the winds were going to rip off the roof. That would have sucked but what would have sucked more is the satellite dish would have went with it, and you know how I feel about my TV time.

Today will be more wind and rain as this nor'easter pounds the East Coast and shows them what a bitch mother nature really can be, and you certainly cannot leave because all the airports have cancelled flights here in the tri-state area.

I hear my sub pump working and that is a great sign, although the fact it had to go on at all is not great.
Oh! And it is freezing here, high of 47 today!! Break out the bathing suits, pronto!

So how is spring working out for you??


  1. In Scotland I'm currently sitting at work in a vest top with the window wide open and I'm still overheating! Something's not right and I mean the sun in Scotland part not the fact that I didn't mention I'm also wearing trousers (work isn't that relaxed)

  2. Spring is awfully cold down here in Southwest Ohio. Today is supposed to get up to 57 or so.

  3. jennie, I am very jealous!

    kevin, we are only getting up to 44 degrees today!

  4. Yeah, it rained here off and on all day yesterday. It got sunny for about 10 minutes I think 3 times yeterday, but the clouds and rain always came back. Today we have a lot of wind. Wind that knocked the power out for an hour earlier. Yay wind.

  5. Same here... Bloody cold with ice pellets thatplt your face as the winds are gusting...

  6. Ahhhh. THat's REALLY sucky.

    But a pretty photo.

  7. Maryland looks just like Jersey. It's been raining and cold for forever.

  8. That rain kicked our asses here, too. My basement had a nice two inches of water in it...nice to find out when you are going down with a basket full of laundry IN YOUR FLIP FLOPS!
    Glad it's over now...


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