Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Massage Away My Sickness

Today is the massage day. All the strange things that go on in my head can't stop me from enjoying my 60 minutes of bliss. I will let you know how the underwear hiding and upper thigh massaging goes.

I have become a hypochondriac since my dad's death and my thyroid issues. I guess that is normal. I went to my doctor yesterday because I felt a lump on my throat, not where my thyroid is, on my throat. I have also had a sore throat for a couple of days and I was dizzy a bunch of times last week and add to that, my hair seems to be falling out in massive quantities.

So of course I think I have throat cancer, vertigo and female pattern baldness.
the doctor said she "wasn't overly impressed" with what I thought I felt on my neck. She said the dizziness was probably from my sore throat/inner ear thing and I forgot to tell her about my hair falling out.
Then last night I had a nose bleed and now I think I have leukemia.

Also? Is it possible to have a freckle turn into a raised mole that is cancerous?
God, I am a mess.
Let's hope the massage will cure it all.


  1. First! Ha! I'm just like that. A total alarmist. Want to hear something mildly embarassing? - Yeah, I started to type it up here but I realized I was taking up WAY too much space for a comment. So when I get home from work I'll turn it into an embarassing post. Having to do with being a stubborn alarmist.

  2. Well, at least you went to the doctor...
    I keep on thinking of that Woody Allen movie through out this post, you know the movie, where the doctor finally calls Woody's bluff andsays' Ya know I think ya got sometin''
    And th eWoody is up all night thinking and fretting about what the sometin'could be...


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