Thursday, February 03, 2005

Conversation Last Night

Me: What are you getting me for Valentine's Day

Him: I know what I am getting you, but I am not telling

Me: Why don't you tell me so after I get it I don't either have to pretend to like it or return it. This way I can tell you now I don't want it.

Him: I am not telling, ok I will give you a hint. Its not really a gift it is a service

Me: I don't want a massage

Him(fuming): How did you know that! Shit. You are the worst. I thought it was a good gift. Shit. If I can't return it you are getting a massage!

Me: I told you to tell me.


  1. One year Trish made up her own little coupon book with different kinds of coupons... a 30-minute massage, foot rubbing, neck rubbing, happy ending, etc... There were 10 or 12 different coupons in the booklet. I think she did them on kid's construction paper and then two-hole punched them and bound them with yarn or something like that. Each one was scored about ¼" from the edge from where they were bound for easy detachment. I thought it was a pretty nice gift.. and it didn't cost anything, either. Of course, she was ocassionally remiss in not destroying some coupons after they were redeemed, and I was not averse to digging them out of the trash and recycling them at some later point in time. She wasn't too happy once she figured that one out.

  2. UR, I did this for Christmas. I made coupons for a free back scratch or massage and put them in E's stocking. He loved it.

  3. Heh...I have always guessed DH's gifts for me. We try to surprise each other...but it never works out. OH well...

  4. I've got to buy a gift for someone whom I have never spent a Valentines day with. The pressure.

  5. pregnancy, I know how that is.

    Will, somehow I think you will do fine

  6. TAKE THE MASSAGE! and, you don't have to worry about what to wear ;)


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