Thursday, February 10, 2005


Does anyone make a jean these days that isn't "low rise" "Super low rise" "Uber low rise" or "dontevenbotherwearingpants low rise"?
These jeans are not conducive to various body types or anyone with children or dogs who like to get on the floor & play. It is certainly not conducive to Gymboree where on a weekly basis someone new gets a good look see at my ass crack, G-string and/or my entire ass. Even my husband is like "hun, you can see your panties AGAIN".
It is not good.

I don't want my children to have the "ass crack mom" that the whole neighborhood is talking about. Plus you can never reach down to the bottom shelves at the grocery store, play head, shoulders, knees and toes with your kids, tie your shoes, or plant a garden. Those things are important to me.
Well, some of them are.

If you are reading this GAP, please return to some healthy waist levels of jeans, just one pair, I would be happy with one pair. Not everyone is a size two and doesn't mind not wearing panties. I am woman, hear me ROAR for highwaisted jeans godfriggindammit!!


  1. I guess that explains why I see so much crack when I go to the grocery store. Unless, of course, they poop on the party by wearing a long overcoat or something like that.

  2. But even if you do find "at waist" jeans, they are like super high and come up well over your navel and suffocate you by squeezing your lower ribs. There's no happy mediuM!

  3. I think Old Navy makes pants that allow you to wear underwear! I also found that Express Jeans are a happy medium for my body. Low rise, but not underwear showing. I'm also 6 feet tall so I have a huge problem finding pants that fit.


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