Thursday, February 03, 2005

If You Want to See My Ass Then Just Come to Gymboree

Every Saturday morning, E & I take the babies to gymboree. For those who may not be in the know, gymboree is a gym of sorts for babies and small children filled with slides, trampolines and other primary colored equipment. They love their class and so do I, as I am a hermit* and have no friends. The thing is that I basically wear the same thing every day around the house, since again, I never leave the house, but at Gymboree I have to wear different clothes.
I don't have different clothes.
I don't fit into many of my pre-pregnancy clothes, I don't want to wear my ripped tie dye shirt in public, and I refuse to buy more clothes at the current size I am (which isn't that bad, but C'mon, Tuesday lets get fucking motivated already!) it leaves me with a rotation of three presentable, "outside of the house" outfits. I keep rotating them.
It's not good.
I guarantee you that 90% of the conversations of the people leaving Gymboree is "Did you see that? She is wearing that velour jumpsuit AGAIN! Ahhhhaahaaa".

I really need some new clothes. I did ask for that for Valentines Day, but you see, I am getting a massage.

*That is not entirely true. I do leave the house to go food shopping.


  1. send me an email with your size. i'll send you some clothes :)

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    As a sahm for several years, who has just returned to work part-time, go buy some clothes that fit. You will feel better about yourself and find yourself more motivated to exercise if you feel good about yourself. I spent 2 years after my second baby overweight and unhappy with the way I looked. When I said screw it and bought myself some clothes that fit I felt better about my appearance. That motivated me to go on a diet and lose 30 pounds. I also found that if I put on jeans, a nice t-shirt, and a little makeup everyday that made we feel better and I started to venture out to where I could meet other moms and make some friends. Now 2 years later I am still good friends with several of those moms. I know that worrying about your appearance at home seems like something you don't have the time to do, but if you take 10 to 15 minutes a day to make yourself feel attractive you will feel better, have a better day, start to venture out more, and your husband will appreciate the effort. I have been there with small children by myself all day. Feel better about your appearance changes your frame of mind. Best of luck with your clothes situation.


  3. Thanks Amy, you are right and I will try to do that every day.


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